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Seeking exceptional and luxurious villas in the Caribbean, in Bali, in Italy, in Greece or elsewhere ?

Thanks to its prestigious partners, Voyages Secrets offers a range of unique villas as well as an exclusive set of services to help you draw up the perfect vacation, while guaranteeing total privacy.

As we offer tailor-made services, each trip is conceived according to your desires and expectations. To this effect, we suggest you to contact our experts and let us know what your dreams are...


Who wouldn't dream of having his own private island to relax and enjoy an unbelievable experience ?

A private island is the perfect alternative to escape crowded places and revitalize yourself, with your relatives or with your friends.

These astonishing and marvelous islands are the rational responses to your desires.

Do not hesitate to contact our experts to share with us your wishes.


Are you looking for luxury hotels and exceptional experiences?

From the Manhattan skyscrapers to the most beautiful African national parks, from the Caribbean to the mediterranean sea, Voyages Secrets has selected for you the best hotels and palaces in the world.

We all have our little secrets...

Please contact us for further information; our team of experts will be delighted to help you dream up your next vacations.


Fancying a private cruise with a dedicated crew on the most sumptuous seas and oceans of the world?

Thanks to its unique collection of yatchs and sailing boats, Voyages Secrets will make your dream-cruise a reality.

As you may not find the whole range of our vassals online, we would recommend you to contact our experts and share with us your desires.


A private jet is without a doubt the fastest mean to link local and international airports.

Voyages Secrets will take care of all your private jet flights according to your needs, your schedules and offers many other services to help you save time such as paperwork, immediate luggage pick-up.

Once landed, a private car will take you to your next destination. 

Please contact our experts to organize your next flight plan.